University lectures and E-books

I am a supporter of open teaching as a means to ensure that education is fully accessible to everyone interested, to provide equal opportunities for learning. For this reason, since 2012 I decided to make the recordings of my lectures available on my YouTube channel" and - from 2015 - I decided to create tutorial documents according to a CC license, in order to be able to freely share them on the Web. It requires some efforts, as figures and text have to be re-created. However, this additional effort is undoubtedly beneficial for my own comprehension of the subject and therefore the quality of teaching.

Moreover, I decided to write these tutorials in the form of web pages, in order to be able to share them more effectively, to make their continuous update easier and to make a more effective use of the information available on the web through links. You may learn more of my above commitment in my opinion post Towards a new form of academic learning

The result of my work so far is presented in the collection of lectures below, subdivided by topic. Some of the lectures appear in the list below more than once. Some of them are in Italian, most of them are in English. These are evolving documents. It may happen that yo find broken links. Moreover, please note that I am still giving priority to quick production of an extended amount of information, therefore giving less priority to getting the material carefully checked and reviewed. The language may not be the best, and you may find mistakes. I hope in your indulgence, but please do let me know if you find any inconsistency. Let me also know any disagreement you may have and please do not hesitate to give suggestions to improve the presentation.

You may reuse the work in any form you wish, but I appreciate a citation to the source and I appreciate an email to me to inform me where the material has been re-used.

Thanks a lot for your interest!

River training (in Italian)

Hydrology and water resources management (in English)

Climate change, water resources and human health (in English)

Coastal and harbour engineering (in English)