Lecture notes for "Climate change and global health" - University San Raffaele

"Climate change and global health" (CCGH) is a 12-hour module of the course on "Climate changing and architecture for health" at the University San Raffaele in Milan. I am teaching CCGH for the first time in the fall semester of 2023.

The 12 hours of teaching will be delivered through in-presence frontal lectures. the study plan is as follows:

  • Introduction to climate change;
  • Climate prediction;
  • Changes in climatic and hydrological processes and variables;
  • Global warning and public health;
  • Water change and diseases;
  • Climate change and pandemics;
  • Climate change  mitigation and adaptation.

Lectures will be given in four three-hours sessions that will be entirely taught by me. The room of the lectures will be communicated later. The calendar is as follows:

  • October 12 - 3 hours;
  • November 2 - 3 hours;
  • November 9 - 3 hours;
  • November 16 - 3 hours.
Lecture notes

The lecture notes for the course will be delivered in the form of open web pages, open media and freely accessible videos, for the sake of developing academic education through fully open information. Lecture notes will be updated while teaching through collaborative work with the students (see below). Tutorial web pages for the lectures (provisional list):

Videos of the lectures

The videos of the lectures are available at the link below: Playlist of Climate change and global health. Videos will be made available within one week after each lecture.

Contact details of the teacher and individual clarifications

The teacher is available to provide clarifications on request with virtual meetings. Teacher can be contacted by email. Clarifications may also be given after each lecture.