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Statistiche dei video delle mie lezioni

Nella primavera del 2012 ho deciso di rendere disponibili online i video di tutte le mie lezioni nel mio canale YouTube (le lezioni sono

La citazione di Guenter Bloeschl alla Darcy Medal Ceremony

Nella Darcy Medal ceremony il mio citationist è stato Guenter Bloeschl. Gli sono molto grato per avermi presentato con grande amicizia.

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Privacy policy

Scope of privacy policy

This Policy describes the information I collect from you, how we use that information and our legal basis for doing so. It also covers whether and how that information may be shared and your rights and choices regarding the information you provide to me.

This Privacy Policy applies to the information that I obtain through your use of our website including its subdomains (if any).

Who I am


Tutorials of Sustainable Design of Water Resources Systems - 2018

Sustainable Design of Water Resources System is a subject included in the study plan of the master degree programs in Civil Engineering and Earth Resources Engineering at the University of Bologna.

Tutorials of Coastal Engineering - 2018

The course on Coastal Engineering is included in the study plan of the master degree program in Civil Engineering (curriculum Off-shore Engineering) at the University of Bologna.

Interactive learning is a must!

Vincenzo Maffeo Barberini si laurea all'Università di Pisa - Arazzo della Manifattura Barberini - Musei Vaticani

In the Spring semester 2018 I decided to mark a step forward to interactive learning which, according to Wikipedia,


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