NEW: Courses on Climate Change and Adaptation - Spring 2022

Next Spring I am teaching two courses on climate change and adaptation at the University of Bologna. The courses will be delivered in hybrid mode, that is, in physical presence and streaming (delivery in streaming is pending the approval of the University, please check here for updates. However, video of the lectures will be made promptly available in any case).

The courses are:

Tutorials of Coastal Engineering - 2022-2023

The course on Coastal Engineering is included in the study plan of the master degree program in Off-shore Engineering at the University of Bologna. The part of course that I am teaching counts 12 hours of lectures. The teacher will make extensive use of interactivity, with the options illustrated below. Lectures include about 4 hours dedicated to solving exercises by using the personal computer, by collaborative work by students and teacher. Students will be kindly asked to bring their own personal computer to solve the exercises.

How to write a paper on a high profile scientific journal (in Italian). Talk by Guenter Bloeschl

Here below you can find the video and the presentation of the talk "How to write a paper on a high profile scientific journal" (in Italian), by Guenter Bloeschl. The talk was delivered at the University of Bologna on June 24, 2022. Thank you for your interest.


Video on YouTube

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